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On June 22, Solace will unveil new capabilities that make it easier for enterprises to integrate their applications in an event-driven manner, and to manage the resulting event mesh that spans their organization. 

CTO Shawn McAllister and representatives of our product teams will explain and demonstrate functionality in three key areas: integration, distributed tracing, and lifecycle management. 

  • An integrated Kafka client, an open source IBM MQ connector, and an API for the Go programming language are just some of the ways we’re making it easier to integrate all kinds of applications anywhere in your ecosystem.  

  • New distributed tracing functionality based on OpenTelemetry will let you observe events on a step-by-step basis so you can easily troubleshoot delivery and performance problems, and ensure the completion of business transactions. 

  • The addition of sophisticated lifecycle management features to PubSub+ Event Portal, like finer grained role-based access control, version control, and lifecycle states, will help you more effectively govern your event mesh to ensure consistent practices and security. 

Join us to see these exciting new features in action and learn how they’ll benefit your business. 

Hosted By

Chris Wolski
VP, Product Marketing

Ed Funnekotter
VP, Core Product Development

Darryl MacRae
Principal Product Manager, 
Event Portal

Demos & Deep Dives

Shawn McAllister
Chief Technology & Product Officer