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Your One-on-One Demo Will Cover:

  • PubSub+ Mission Control

    • Starting PubSub+ event broker services
    • Connecting services into a multi-region, hybrid-cloud event mesh
  • PubSub+ Insights

    • Pre-configured dashboards
    • Notifications
  • PubSub+ Event Portal

    • Designing event-driven architectures
    • Using the Catalog to find published events, schemas, and applications
    • Discover and visualize events created by event brokers
  • The Cloud Console

    • Administrative features
    • Service types
    • Subscription options

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Denis King

Denis King is COO/CPO at Solace, responsible for ensuring success by overseeing business operations that leverage the company’s technology and expertise to capitalize on market opportunity.

 Denis was Solace’s first systems engineer, and has been instrumental in helping Solace and its customers achieve success in a variety of leadership roles.

Peter Holtkamp manages the cloud integration business of ASAPIO, an expert partner for SAP procurement and cloud solutions.

Prior to joining ASAPIO in 2007, Peter worked as a consultant for SAP applications and technologies, including SAP's Automotive Industry division in Walldorf, and the SAP Labs in Palo Alto, CA.

Peter Holtkamp