Event-Driven Microservices:
The Architect's Guide to Building a Responsive, Elastic and Resilient Environment

We all get the promise of microservices: enhanced agility, scalability, resiliency, and speed to deploy and maintain components. Unfortunately, not all microservice architectures unlock these values. The brittleness of distributed processing, ecosystem integration challenges, and a lack of service harmony represent three major barriers.

In this paper, Sr. Architect Jonathan Schabowsky addresses these challenges, and shares his perspective on overcoming: 

  • The Service Decomposition Paradox & the fallacies of distributed computing
  • The Integration Conundrum & the challenges of enabling data flow between microservices in distributed systems  
  • Point-to-point Microservice Orchestration and tightly coupled systems that hamper agility and scalability  

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Learn how to maximize the benefits of event-driven microservices for your organization -- like enhanced agility, scalability, resiliency, quicker deployment and easier maintenance.


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