The Architect’s Guide to Building a Modern Data Integration Platform

Leap future integration hurdles by reviewing the 8 road blocks we’ve seen over dozens of digital transformations we’ve supported

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Learn from the experience of a global CPG company that used an iPaaS and an advanced event broker to deploy an event-driven, hybrid cloud architecture, integrating systems and services like SAP ERP, AWS S3, Hadoop, and a plethora of third party SaaS and IoT applications

Add ‘event-driven iPaaS’ to your design toolbox to support your digital transformation  

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What do an iPaaS, an event-driven architecture and an advanced event broker have in common?

They’re probably all critical to the success of your enterprises’ digital transformation.

“ESBs, iPaaS, IoT and event-driven IT are all converging, and enterprises are transforming to enable and respond to this convergence, with hybrid and multi-cloud architectures."  

Read this paper to learn how you can leverage these tools in unison, to integrate your new and old technologies with modern frameworks and design patterns, and enable real-time event-distribution across all your environments and geos.

Key takeaways:

 - Denis King, COO at Solace